Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Identity Theft News - Wed Dec 7, 2011

Lucky Supermarket Identity Theft Ring Leads Company To Urge Customers To Close ...
Huffington Post
That's the word coming from the Modesto-based grocery chain, which admits over 100 people who used the self-checkout counters in 23 of their northern California Lucky stores (and one SaveMart) have been the victims of identity theft...
Identity theft noted
Weakley County Press
A fake Pay Pal account was the method used to steal from a local resident. Isreal Villa of 221 East Palmer St., Union City, told the Union City Police Department he had received a bill from Pay Pal showing a balance of $500, but stated he never opened ...
Data breaches endemic in US e-health system
The Australian
"Data breach risks are high, identity theft and medical identity theft are on the rise, and patients' privacy is affected," Dr Ponemon said. Employee negligence was the primary culprit for the 32 per cent rise in the number of breaches during the ... providing comprehensive answers for you and your family on issues regarding Identity Theft.


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